Coal seam fire: How do you stop it?

Tyler Childers, who died last month, has become the latest to be found dead in the industry.

Coal seam fire prevention expert and former coal miner Peter Collins said it was important to protect the safety of miners and those living nearby.

“Tyler’s death was the latest in a series of deaths in the coal seam fire industry,” Mr Collins said.

Mr Collins said the risk of a fire spreading to other parts of the world was high.

Tyers death, which has sparked the biggest public inquiry in Australian history, has left the industry reeling.

It’s a tragedy that’s being investigated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is expected to release its findings in the next couple of weeks.

The inquiry is looking into the causes of the fires, and the role of the mines in contributing to them.

At the moment, the fires have been contained to a small area in the eastern section of the country, and some firefighting is taking place in the western sections.

There has been no confirmation of the cause of the fire yet, but it has been reported to be a case of accidental self-combustion.

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