Coal generators in Wyoming and West Virginia have been the subject of a wide-ranging federal investigation into their safety and efficiency standards.

The Justice Department is examining whether the companies violated federal pollution laws.

It also is looking into whether the coal-fired plants were operating under flawed environmental regulations, which could lead to penalties.

Fox News has learned the inquiry into the state’s two coal generators began in August, and that two of the three are now under investigation.

A third, Southern Co., is now in the process of getting the investigation completed.

“It’s a serious matter, and we will be looking at every aspect of it,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told Fox News in a statement on Tuesday.

Lynch did not identify the three coal-generating companies.

She said the investigation is continuing and is expected to be completed in the coming months.

The investigation is focused on the two coal-powered power plants in Wyoming, and one in West Virginia.

The other two are located in Pennsylvania.

Lynn also said that the investigation will focus on the federal Clean Air Act and regulations.

The Department of Justice is also investigating whether Southern Co. and others violated environmental laws by operating their coal-burning plants in a manner that violated the Clean Air Acts.