Newcastle’s power station has been saved by an innovative and bold decision by the city’s mayor and local councils.

The Newcastle-based coal company, the Newcastle-Gainsborough Coal Power Station (NGCP), is owned by Newcastle-born businessman Michael Moore.

The city has been under fire from local residents and the coal industry, which claims that the coal fired generators are being unfairly penalised and not given enough compensation.

The City of Newcastle has been lobbying the state and the federal government to give more money to Newcastle-area power stations to ensure they can remain operational.

The NGCP is one of only two coal fired plants operating in the state, and its success in meeting the city council’s climate change targets is being celebrated by Newcastle residents and locals across the country.

The city council has been calling on the federal and state governments to offer more money for power stations, particularly in areas where it would have been cheaper to build a coal-fired power station.

The coal fired generation is the largest of its kind in the world, accounting for about half of the power in the US.

The NGCPs annual emissions are less than a quarter of the emissions from coal-burning power plants in the UK, according to the UK Energy Research Institute (UKERI).

But with Newcastle being in the middle of the most polluted area of the UK (where more than 30% of air pollution comes from cars and trucks), its leaders have been trying to convince the federal Government to give the city more support for coal fired projects, according the Newcastle Chronicle.

This includes the $1.6 billion NGC Power station being constructed in the city centre by Newcastle City Council, which is the first such project in the country to be built without using coal.

The plant will generate more than 1,000 megawatts of power, generating up to 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent every year.

And, because the plant will be in a highly polluted area, it will also help the city tackle climate change.

“The Newcastle City council has made a number of key contributions to the fight against climate change, including providing funding for the new $1 billion Ngc Power plant and investing in community-led initiatives to tackle air pollution, such as the NGCPA,” said Newcastle-City Council leader Michael Gorman.

“Newcastle is committed to supporting its residents and businesses to make the city greener, cleaner and safer.

We will continue to support these communities to tackle climate challenges and are committed to working with government to deliver a city that is sustainable.”

The Newcastle Chronicle reports that Mr Moore and Newcastle Mayor Steven Woolfe will be attending the City of Newstalk this week to discuss the citys new strategy for dealing with climate change and climate change-related issues.

The local councils Climate Change Committee has also been involved in the NRCS.

Its chair, Mark Prentice, said the council was delighted to have been selected as a key partner for the councils climate change strategy.

“We look forward to meeting with council leaders from across the community to discuss strategies and deliverables to address climate change issues and help Newcastle’s climate resilience,” Mr Prentice said.

“Newcastle Councils climate strategy will help Newcastle to achieve its climate change reduction targets, as well as to reduce the city to zero emissions by 2035, a goal that is achievable.”

“We have a lot to be proud of and the council’s leadership in tackling climate change has been a major factor in our success.”

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