| October 18, 2018 13:00amBy now most of you have heard about the accident at a Wal-mart coal boiler near the town of Wal-Marts coal town in Pennsylvania.

The accident happened yesterday and is still being investigated.

According to the news site, Wal-marts owner Matt Taub, his wife and two children were in the boiler at the time of the explosion.

┬áThe news site says the three were on their way home when the explosion occurred, and that they were “frightened by the blast” but were able to escape unhurt.

Wal-Mart, which owns the coal-burning boiler, has since taken measures to make sure its operations are safer.

The company has since said that it will review its fire safety procedures and plans for a “properly secured fire safety system” at its coal-fired power plants, and has promised to “review” the safety of its firefighting equipment.

A spokesman for Wal- Mart, who would only give his first name as Scott, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the company “has taken a comprehensive safety assessment of its operation and will be working with local and state officials to ensure a safe, clean, and secure future for our customers.”

The Associated Press reported that the coal plant has about 1,000 employees and is located in a rural area of southeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Pittsburgh.

Wal-mart has been criticized in recent years for its slow response to the massive fire that broke out in its supply chain in 2015.

Some employees have complained that Wal- mart is reluctant to help with firefighting and instead uses its workers as a “buffer zone” for those who have burned out of the plant.

Many have criticized the company for not doing more to help the families of the workers who died, which has caused many of the coal fires in the past to become more frequent.

Last year, Wal Mart paid a $1.7 million settlement to more than 1,300 former and current employees who alleged that the retailer was negligent in its response to fires in its stores.

According to News24, Walmart is now reviewing its fire and safety procedures at its power plants and will also have a safety plan in place to help reduce future fires, which are expected to increase in the coming years.

This article was updated to include comments from Wal-Man and the Wal-Store company.