A coal mining industry analyst says West Virginia’s coal production is hurting the state’s economy.

But she said the industry can get it back.

John R. Schafer is executive vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association, a trade group for the industry.

West Virginia is a key manufacturing state and employs about 1.3 million people.

Coal is a big part of the economy.

Schaser said that the industry needs to work harder to stay competitive.

He noted that West Virginia produces more coal than any other state.

He said that West Virginians need to pay attention to what they are buying.

“We have to keep up with what we are buying from other states,” Schafer said.

“The reality is, West Virginia needs to make sure we have a strong economy.”

Coal is produced in a number of states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.

West Virginias unemployment rate is 7.7 percent.

WestVirginia has been hit hard by the collapse of the coal industry, which in turn has hurt its manufacturing economy.

Coal mining companies have been laid off, while some have moved production out of the state, like the Pittsburgh mill that has been shuttered.

But Schafer says that coal mining in West Virginia has been doing pretty well.

“I think the fact that it’s been a good year for mining in this state, I think it’s a pretty good year, I would say,” Schaser told WVEC-AM.

“People are seeing it.

It’s a good job.”