Coal is the leading fossil fuel and is the main fuel used for electricity generation.

The industry is still the largest producer and consumer of coal worldwide, with nearly three-quarters of all coal production and consumption.

The coal industry has faced many challenges over the years, including falling global coal prices, coal-related pollution from China, and the development of clean energy technologies like solar and wind.

It’s important to note that the industry is not regulated and not taxed in any way.

In 2018, the Obama administration issued a new rule, the Clean Power Plan, aimed at curbing emissions from coal-fired power plants, which will require companies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Some analysts think the rule is going to lead to more coal-intensive electricity sources in the future, but some of the most optimistic predict that coal will continue to grow as a fuel for electricity production for decades to come.

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It accounts for around 40% of the nation’s power generation, but is more than 60% of carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2016, China, the world’s biggest coal exporter, surpassed the United Kingdom as the world leader in coal use.