Coal mining is now a booming business, with millions of dollars in new and existing mines being built every year.

The new coal mine in the town of Dingle, in the Queensland border town of Townsville, is the latest in a series of mines to be completed in the state’s west.

It comes as the state government launches a $15 billion mining tax to help fund school buildings and other infrastructure, as well as investing in the coal industry.

In Dingle the coal mine employs over 600 people, including a schoolteacher, while a local school has a small auditorium and a science lab.

The town council has agreed to build a new school on the site, as a further boost to the town’s infrastructure.

In 2016 the town council paid $13,000 in tax to the State Government for the construction of a new kindergarten in the area.

A local council member said the council had received a number of calls from the local school community about the school, which is about 50 kilometres north of Townships town centre.

“It’s a community-based school that has a very young age population, but the council has always had a very positive relationship with the community,” Ms Smith said.

“I think it’s been a really positive relationship over the years, and I think they’re really excited about the opportunity.”

The council’s principal executive officer, David McKeon, said the school was designed to provide students with a “good learning environment”.

“It will be a very good school,” he said.

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