— It’s been a tough month for coal miners.

A recent outbreak of coronavirus in Tennessee has put the entire coal industry on high alert.

The coal mining community is worried about another outbreak.

They’ve been trying to get their products and services back online.

But now, the mines are starting to worry.

The latest outbreak in the U.S. has left a huge hole in the mining industry.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 40,000 Americans have been exposed.

That’s a huge number, but a lot of coal mines are still operating without any equipment.

They’re not using protective gear, and miners are not wearing masks.

So far, coal miners have only reported two illnesses.

“We’re not really in a position to say we’re not going to have an outbreak.

We’re not in a situation where we’re completely out of the woods,” said Robert S. Anderson, president and CEO of the Kentucky Coal Association.

The mine owners say the outbreak has already affected the supply chain, and they’re looking for ways to increase supply.

Anderson says there are three major areas the mine operators are looking to get in on.

One is to increase the efficiency of the equipment that miners are using to operate.

Another is to improve the ventilation system for the coal furnace that mines employ.

And the third is to build a new coal furnace to replace the old one.

Anderson wants to keep mines operating normally.

He’s hoping to have the new coal furnaces up and running in 2019.

That means it will take another six months to get the new furnaces back online.

“We’re going to get back on track and we’re going in a new direction.

We’ll go into a period of rapid growth,” Anderson said.

The company also wants to have a bigger share of the global market.

The Kentucky Coal Alliance is one of the largest coal mining companies in the country.

Anderson says the industry has had to change because of the coronaviral outbreak.

He says the mine owners are also trying to keep their operations at the lowest levels.

He says the company is still struggling to get workers to work in the winter months.

“That’s going to take some time.

It takes some time for everybody to get together and get their heads together and make the right decisions,” Anderson told reporters.

Anderson is also concerned about the impact of an outbreak on the economy.

He is also worried about the safety of workers.

The Kentucky Coal Authority says the mining and manufacturing industry has already lost tens of thousands of jobs.

The company is in talks with state and local officials about possible federal assistance to help keep the mine running.