A man accused of taking gas from a gas station in New York City has been arrested on multiple charges, including theft, fraud, conspiracy, and attempted murder.

The New York Post reports that 32-year-old David Riggs, a father of four from Queens, was arrested Monday after police received a tip.

Police said that Riggs told them that he was the owner of a gas store in the Bronx and that he had stolen gas from multiple gas stations.

According to police, the owner was suspicious of Riggs and told him he could not come in.

Police say that after the gas store owner gave Riggs his money and told Riggs to leave, he fled the scene.

Police then received a report from the owner that Rigg was stealing gas.

When police arrived at the gas station, they found that Rags gas was stolen and that the gas was leaking.

Riggs was arrested after officers spoke to the gas company employee and found out that Rigs gas was being taken from the gas pumps, and the owner could not be reached for comment.

Rigg has been charged with theft, attempted murder, and burglary of a vehicle.

He was arraigned Tuesday on charges of conspiracy, theft, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

He remains in custody on $100,000 bail.