A glass of Coke made with 100 percent natural gas is being offered to the public to celebrate the milestone of the first ever CO2-free Coke.

The beverage is made from CO2 extracted from the natural gas trapped in coal ash, which is currently burned to generate electricity in the United States.

CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that is naturally produced in the atmosphere.

It is produced by plants, including natural gas pipelines and natural gas power plants, which use natural gas to generate power.

The natural gas then passes through the pipelines and onto landfills to be used for energy production.

The Coke’s maker, CokeCo, is offering a limited-edition glass of the beverage to anyone who can bring in a photo of themselves using 100 percent pure CO2 as a paint color.

It will be offered for a limited time at select locations throughout the U.S. as part of its “Green Glass Challenge.”

“We believe this is an important milestone in the fight against global climate change and are pleased to announce the first-ever CO2 free Coke, in honor of our 50th Anniversary,” said CokeCo Chief Executive Officer Tom Tisdale.

“It’s an incredible achievement to be able to say we’re CO2 neutral and a part of the solution to the global warming problem.

It’s a dream come true for us and our fans and we look forward to seeing them come together and celebrate.”

The beverage was first unveiled at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Feb. 4, 2016.

It has already become the first beverage made from natural gas in history.

The glass, made with natural gas extracted from coal ash at a CO2 extraction plant, is made of 100 percent CO2.

The Coke will be available for purchase at select CokeCo stores and online beginning April 14.CO2 is produced when CO2 trapped in natural gas passes through natural gas pipeline and lands on landfilling ponds.

The U.K.-based CokeCo produces a variety of products that are designed to be made in the U, such as Coke and Coke Zero, a Coke Zero carbonated soft drink that has been created from CO1 carbonated water.

Coke Zero has been sold in other countries including Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the U (see “How Coke Zero is Made in the UK”).