Posted February 08, 2019 05:25:37 A federal bankruptcy court has ordered the company that owns Canada’s largest coal port to pay more than $2 billion to bankrupt coal bankruptcies and environmental groups, including the Sierra Club.

The government announced in February that it would pay the coal bankruptments of the Port of Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, and the Port Coquihalla coal terminals, and it has already paid $1.8 billion to some of them.

The Canadian Coal Association said it was pleased the court had ruled that the province of British Columbia can’t be sued for damages.

But it said it’s disappointed the government has not provided the money to victims of the bankruptcies, including environmental groups.

The Sierra Club has argued that the provincial government should pay damages, and has said it will file a lawsuit to get the money.

“This is not about the money, this is about the victims,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Steve Smith.

“It’s the same people who are paying the price for the toxic pollution.”

The decision was handed down by a court in British Columbia.