By Nicky TaylorPublished August 21, 2018 04:15:33When Stardew developer Ryan Coppler first announced his plans for the studio in 2015, it was with the same optimism as the start of the new year.

“I have this big vision for Stardew,” he told GamesBeat in an interview.

“I want it to be a vibrant, fun game.

I want people to love Stardew.”

Coppler was at the helm of the studio at the time, and Stardew was going to be the first game he ever worked on.

Stardew has since sold more than 6 million copies worldwide, and Copplers vision was to build a massive, ambitious game.

Copplers initial vision, and the game’s success, have come at a price.

Stardeville is the second-most-successful franchise in gaming history.

Its success is mostly thanks to the massive success of its original game, which sold over 10 million copies.

Stardecommerce is the fourth-most popular game in the history of the industry, and it’s followed by Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Automobiles: San Andreas.

But the game has struggled to survive.

In the first six months of 2018, Stardew fell below $1 million in sales.

In a rare move, the company released a video to show how much the game was struggling to make.

The company has since decided to restructure the company, shifting more of its assets into a separate company, and has also cut the company’s staff.

“We’ve been in a tough spot,” Coppls company wrote in a letter to shareholders.

“We have seen a drop in our net income over the past year, and that drop has impacted our business.

Our operating expenses were nearly $10 million, with our operating income now $1.6 million.

Our revenue growth was nearly 4 percent.

As a result of these factors, we decided to lay off and reduce our staff to the bare minimum to meet our financial obligations.

We have had to take on more capital to make this change.

This means we have cut back on the development budget, which will impact the ability to continue to develop the game as we had planned.

We are committed to building a stronger Stardew game and are working hard to make sure we can deliver that experience.”

But Stardew is far from the only game Copples vision of a vibrant game is under attack.

It’s not just the studio’s financial situation.

It has also been under pressure to keep the team together and keep the studio open.

The Stardew franchise has seen two major layoffs.

Its main developer, Ryan Copps, left the company in May.

Copps was the head of development on the game for 10 years before his departure.

Copps said in an earnings call earlier this year that he had been let go for “a variety of reasons.”

It’s unclear what those reasons were.

In March, Stardecomy, the studio that had worked on the Stardew title, was acquired by the Japanese video game publisher Tecmo Koei.

The company said at the beginning of this year it was looking to hire a “strategic architect,” but Copps said at that time that the company would not have the resources to hire that architect.

In an interview with GamesBeat, he said he believed the Stardecome would still be going into production in the near future.

Stardew’s struggles aren’t just limited to the game.

Coppels vision of the future of gaming has come under scrutiny, too.

The game was recently hit with an online patent dispute between the developer and Square Enix.

Square Enix’s claim to the patent stems from its use of an old version of a patent to create a new version of the game, dubbed Final Fantasy XI.

In a blog post, Copps wrote that he was very concerned about the potential patent litigation and that the Stardescript game could be used against Square Enix in the future.

CoPPs blog post noted that it would have been more fair to Square Enix if it had filed a claim to an older patent that had been used in the Stardex game, rather than a new patent that was claimed by Square Enix and then later abandoned by Square.

While the Stardevilles future is uncertain, Copps plans for Stardevillers future are bright.

He has said that the studio will continue developing the Stardeys games as planned, and even continue working on the upcoming Stardew Universe expansion.