From The Daily Caller:  A coal-in-“spanish” story from Spain seems to have been taken up by the National Review.

In this article, author Tyler Childers takes issue with the idea that Spanish coal is “spanish.” 

I don’t know if it is actually true that coal in Spain is “a spanish thing.”

In fact, coal in Spanish is not a Spanish thing.

It’s the “Spanish coal” that is the Spanish thing (which is technically a “cocaine-like” product of Colombia).

Childers goes on to make this argument:The real Spanish coal, though, is made by Colombia and is actually from the United States.

So, to say that Spanish “coal” is “American” is an insult to American coal producers, and an insult not only to the coal industry, but to the United Nations. 

The coal industry in Spain has been reeling from a number of devastating mine closures and closures of the country’s coal mines.

It is the largest export market for coal in Europe.

Childers points out that Colombia has been cutting coal exports since 2015, while it has been increasing coal exports in the U.S. I do not have a problem with this argument.

Coal is a commodity, and coal is not “American.”

But if you take it literally, the coal that is being exported to the U