— A coal ash spill on the surface of West Virginia’s Mount Shasta has killed at least one man and injured more than 100 others, state officials said Saturday.

The spill occurred near Mount Shastas summit Thursday, but officials are still investigating what caused it, state Department of Environmental Quality spokesman Chris Lopiano said.

He did not have details on the cause.

A report released Saturday said the water from the spill had a toxic effect on the ground at Mount Shasmas summit.

“It’s a very, very toxic environment, and it’s causing us some concern,” Lopiana said.

“We have seen the impact of this spill.

We have seen people injured, people suffering,” he added.

Officials said the man killed was a 50-year-old man who worked at a mine, while the injured are all presumed to be men and women.

The Mount Shasa Mine and Ash Basin Association said the company that owns the mine is investigating the cause of the spill.

The company did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The agency said the spill was not related to Mount Shasas mine operations.