A new coal mine has opened up in the remote northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, and it’s not just for the sake of mining.

The mine has also brought with it a new set of environmental challenges, and the new coal is actually a lot more dangerous than you might expect.

The coal mine is being built by the coal mining company, IndiCoal, and is expected to generate more than $4 billion of revenue.

IndiCoel has developed the mine in the state of Gurgaon, the state where its coal is mined.

The coal is exported to China, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, and to other parts of the world.

But the mines workers aren’t exactly on the front lines of the coal mine wars, with the mine being built with the support of the Indian government.

But now, with a few more weeks to go before the mine is set to open, it appears that the mine may not be entirely safe.

According to reports in India, workers have suffered serious injuries.

The workers say they suffered cuts, bruises, and even cuts to their eyes.

The Indian government says the mine has not caused any fatalities.

The site of the mine, the area where the coal is being mined, is only about 50 kilometers from the border of the state, so it’s likely that there are fewer accidents than the state government claims.

But IndiConal says it’s “very cautious about the safety” of the workers, and has been in contact with local officials.

IndicCoal has been trying to find ways to lessen the environmental impact of the mining, and says that it’s been working with Indian authorities to find a solution to the mine.

The company has hired a new safety engineer, who has been given the job to work on the mine and is “working with the State Government of India to create a safer environment for the workers,” according to IndiCelcoal’s press release.

However, there’s a catch.

The mines workers are being paid a salary, and their employer is paying the rest of the costs of the job, which includes food and accommodation.

So, while the workers may have a fair share of the work at the mine—and the coal may be safe—it seems that the workers are also paying a high price.

IndiCorpal has pledged to reduce the amount of coal mined by 50% by 2020, and Indicoel is looking to be the only coal mine operator in India that doesn’t require coal mining to be regulated.

According the IndiCorps report, IndicCoel was created by the then-governor of Uttarkashi state, Rishi Reddy, in 2011.

The mining company’s operations have expanded to the other states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and they now operate in more than 200 mine areas in India.

The company also operates in other countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

But Indian authorities are still concerned about how the mine will affect the environment.

The government says it is “aware of the issue of the environment and is working with the mining industry to take steps to reduce environmental impact and reduce mining activities in accordance with the national guidelines,” according the IndicCorps statement.

IndieGoGo’s IndiMine will be the first mine in India to have the mining license and a mine manager.

But it’s unclear whether the mine managers will be involved in the safety of the miners.