New Scientist article article Lackawanna Coal Mine in western New York has suffered a significant blow after a coal mine explosion.

The mine had been operating at the time of the accident.

The blast occurred on Saturday morning, with the mine’s owners saying that it will be a few weeks before the mine is reopened.

According to the company’s website, the mine “is located in the southern portion of the Finger Lakes region of the state and is operated by United Mine and Iron Co. The Mine is the largest coal mine in the Finger Lake Basin and was the source of the 2010 blast that damaged the surrounding homes and killed 14 people”.

It was also the site of an accident in 2013 when an explosion killed one person and injured more than 100 others.

The explosion was blamed on an “internal combustion device” and the Mine’s owners said they have taken “immediate remedial action to address and repair the damage”.

The Mine’s owner, United Mine & Iron Co., has now filed for bankruptcy.

However, the company has not disclosed how much it has spent on the compensation claims, and it has not yet made an official announcement of when the mine will reopen.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said in a statement that it had requested assistance from the state’s Department of Labor and Industry, which is overseeing the Mine.

The state said that the Department “is currently investigating the cause of the explosion and is taking immediate remedial actions”.

However, according to the department’s press release, it has yet to make a determination about when the Mine will reopen and it will remain open to mine workers until it does.

The US Department of Justice has also requested assistance, saying that its investigators have been in contact with United Mine Co. about the accident, as well as with the owners.

According a press release from the Department of Commerce, the Department has asked the company to provide “the information needed to assess the mine and its remedial measures”.

It added that “the department will continue to cooperate with the company and assist in its remediation”.

However it added that the company “has not provided any information to date that would permit us to determine how long it would take for the mine to reopen”.

A spokesperson for United Mine said that it is working closely with authorities to find the source and the cause behind the explosion.

“We are working with federal, state, local and tribal agencies, as requested, to determine what caused the explosion,” the spokesperson said.

It is not known if United Mine has filed a claim for compensation.

The Department of Energy, the US Department for the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are also looking into the accident and are considering an investigation.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also launched an investigation into the incident, which it has said “may result in criminal charges against the operators”.

According to a press statement from the NTSB, “the NTSB will hold a briefing to discuss the cause and manner of the event and what further steps might be taken by the NTSBs Office of Civil Rights.”

The Mine, operated by Unocal, is owned by Unoco, a unit of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Unocal has a strong reputation for safety and has long been accused of being lax in safety standards and standards of its mines.

Unoco has faced lawsuits from environmental groups, who say that it has lax safety standards for its mines in China.